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10 Absolute Must Haves for your Upcoming Trip

We all know the number one item to pack for your travels is your passport and travel tickets. But what about all the other things you definitely need on your vacation? What if you feel like you’re forgetting something? Luckily I wrote this little list of my top 10 absolute must haves for your upcoming trip!

Let me know if you think I’ve forgotten something in the comments below. And don’t forget to use the link in the Shop to get $25 off your accommodation!

I bought a power bank less than a year ago and it verrrrry quickly became my number one item I never left the house without. Phone batteries these days aren’t the best, and using Google Maps while exploring a new area drains that battery sooo quickly. Having a portable charger on you at all times can be an absolute life saver. My favorite one I bought recharged my iPhone countless times during my 5 day stay in New Orleans without ever using a regular wall charger. It’s also pretty cheap! Mine was about $15. See link below for the exact one I used

I used to have adaptors for every country I had been to, e.g. one for Europe, one for the USA, one for the UK etc. Then I found an amazing universal adaptor which had all of the above plugs and more. Such a dream! And also perfect for when you’re heading to more than one country/continent.

We all hope and pray that nothing bad will happen to us while we are away but this may not be the case. Just in case something should happen, I always make sure I have access to funds in two different ways – normally a credit card from my home country and then a travel card with pre-loaded money on it. My favourite cashcard to use right now is the Cashflex card with STA Travel. Find out more information here.

Extra tip: I always keep $100 tucked somewhere safe for any emergencies; either in a small pocket in my luggage or even sewed into somewhere!

I’m very aware of how much time I spend online and am trying to reduce this, so I find if I have a good book to read then I’m more likely to grab my book instead of my phone. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who truly doesn’t enjoy reading – you just have to find the right thing to read aka something you’ll enjoy! My favorite times to read are on buses, planes, while waiting for my transport, on the beach… and most of these things occur when you’re on a vacation! Pack just one for your trip and if you get through this one then find a local bookstore or even an op shop and get another. And if you’re lacking for luggage space on the way back, try and finish it while you’re waiting in the airport and leave it for another traveller to pick up!

One of the most important things about travelling is staying hydrated – and even better if you save the environment too by using a reusable water bottle rather than buying disposable bottles. This also saves you money so it really is a win-win situation! Of course there are some places in the world where drinking the local water isn’t viable, but I’ve definitely noticed an increase in water fountains in tourist hot spots (e.g. airports, bus stations, hostels etc) in the last few years which is awesome to see! My personal favourite water bottle is a Hydroflask (crazy popular in Hawaii) which is insulated, meaning when I fill it up in the morning with ice, it’s still cold 8 hours later.

Whatever you call them! I personally can’t live without my Havaiana jandals (what we call them in New Zealand!) but I do know not everyone is a fan of wearing flip flops. However, when traveling, they are invaluable. Shower in your accommodation looks kinda grimy? Wear them while you shower. Find a bug in your room and don’t have any spray to kill it? Use the bottom of your flip flop to squish it. Fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night and you have to venture outside quickly? Slip into these in milliseconds and head on out. And best part? They are light weight and take up minimal space in your luggage.

This one divides a lot of people. Some people swear by their lightweight tiny little travel towel whereas I can’t think of anything worse. I never feel fully dry after using it! On the other hand, taking a full bath towel can use up valuable luggage space and weight. The towels provided by a lot of accommodation places these days is seriously lacking so I always choose to take my own, and sometimes I even end up throwing it out before returning as I want to bring home my new travel purchases instead! But at least it’s served its purpose while I’m there 🙂

An absolute must have for the backpacker/hostel staying travelers out there is a padlock to secure your luggage in the storage lockers provided. But other travelers can also find this little tool handy for luggage security (use the padlock to lock your suitcase/bag) as well as storage lockers (if you are waiting for your next bus/train/flight and want to put your bags into storage lockers at the facilities). It doesn’t add much weight to your luggage and can be super helpful!

My cousin Katie got me onto these – they really are so handy! Baby wipes are not just for babies; they can be used for almost everything to do with cleaning. Don’t have time for a shower or the shower in your accommodation is kinda gross? Baby wipes. Spill your coffee/smoothie/other drink on yourself while out and about? Baby wipe to clean it up. Something looks too dirty for you to touch it aka table? Baby wipe it down. Lightweight, cheap and multi-purpose – essential for any traveler!

This was the number one thing I learnt on my last big trip. After arriving in Seattle, my first full day was spent exploring and doing a walking tour. After a few hours I could barely stand up in my Converse chucks and knew I needed a better pair of adventuring shoes. Enter: Nike store. Now I know some people don’t think Nikes are the best for long periods of time and I did used to think that. But after explaining to the retail staff member what I wanted, he helped me pick the best shoe and it truly felt like walking on clouds all day! I actually went on to buy two more pairs of Nikes on this trip alone because I was so in love with them. So either pack an existing pair that you’ve spent hours walking in, or invest in a new pair that’s up to par!

I hope this has helped you pack for your upcoming trip and maybe taught you about a new travel item that you might not have thought of before!

Now tell me, what’s YOUR top three things to take on a trip?

Courtney xo

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links where I earn commission if you purchase using those links. It will not affect how much you pay, but funds my traveling just that little bit more. Thanks in advance for supporting me and this website!

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  1. The “must-haves” have changed from what it used to be years ago. I totally agree with your list. After seeing the powerbank as the first must-have, I couldn’t agree more. It’s absolutely necessary to have one to keep your phone juiced up in case you need help or directions.

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