Welcome to my Shop! Here’s where I’ll share some links which may save you money, or just share my favorite websites to shop at. This is continuously being updated so keep checking back!

If you’ve read my “Fun Facts about Me” post, you’ll know I don’t enjoy spending money on materialistic things. But I do love to spend money on experiences, namely traveling!

So, I’ve partnered with to give my friends/family/readers/ anyone a discount when you book using their site. Simply click here and book your travel plans as usual, then after you’ve stayed at your chosen accommodation, they’ll pay you $25 USD (right now that’s equivalent to $35 NZD/$32 AUD/£18) back onto your credit card! You literally get paid for doing something you were already going to anyways – what a dream!

Another website I love when I’m buying travel resources or even grocery items that I can’t get where I am is I’ve bought a number of travel items on here (such as portable chargers, hard drives to store all my photos etc) but I’ve also bought my favorite lip balm when I can’t find a store that stocks it nearby!

If you love to shop Amazon too, or haven’t before, simply click here to check it out – you can literally find ANYTHING on their website! Unfortunately I don’t have a discount code for Amazon, but by using my links you don’t pay a single cent more but a very small percentage of your sales helps fund my future travels.


I was always a little wary about buying event tickets from a re-seller website but after using Stubhub FOUR times within 2 months while traveling in the USA, I am officially addicted! I got Macklemore concert tickets for the sold out LA gig a night before on Stubhub, as well as Macklemore concert tickets two hours before the gig in NYC. My favorite purchases though were tickets to see Wicked on Broadway NYC for only $60 (about $100 cheaper than normal) two hours before it started, as well as tickets to see the New York Knicks play the Cleveland Cavs a few hours before the game started too. I highly suggest having a price in mind that you would pay for the event and then waiting until the tickets get to that price! The closer it is to the starting time, generally the cheaper they are. I now try to buy all my event tickets from Stubhub!


I used to be such a sucker for PayPal when transferring money between overseas accounts. But I’ve found them a real pain to deal with lately and have been locked out of some accounts due to being overseas. I decided to give Transferwise a go and have been so happy with them! Their conversion rate is much better than PayPal and the fees seem to be less also. Plus you can save some extra dollars on your transfer by simply clicking this link! It all adds up yeah?!


This one may apply for people who blog or who have a website and use Pinterest but I have a Tailwind link for $15 for free, which is an entire month of Tailwind automatic pinning for freeeee. How good?! So good!

Rhea Bikinis

My new favorite bikini company have finally got a shop up and running! I absolutely love the fact that when you purchase a signature print Rhea bikini, a percentage of this goes towards not-for-profit organizations such as Planet Bee Foundation and Hawaii Wildlife Fund. And the bikinis are just super cute which is a bonus! Plus, some of my friends are the gorgeous models so make sure you go check them out here:

Ethos and Atlas

Another favorite of mine, this time in jewellery form! Ethos and Atlas is an amazing sustainable brand all about the Hawaiian aloha lifestyle. Each bangle is handmade using shells they’ve found diving in the ocean, and while they dive for shells they also clean up the surrounding areas from trash. So every bangle you buy is also supporting beach clean ups! Make sure to check out the shop by clicking here, as well as checking out their Instagram for some discount codes they might have going!

**More to come, hold tight 🙂 **

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links where I earn commission if you purchase using those links. It will not affect how much you pay, but funds my traveling just that little bit more. Thanks in advance for supporting me and this website!